WEEDAH guiincit

Cant Help But Wait - Trey Songz

Bak pepatah orang tua: Jangan Banyak Ketawe Nanti Nangis.

i never wanna write about us because it suppose to be a secret.
its been a weeks. Im happy, super duper happy but y all good thing had to come to the end.

i hate tis.
Lets the pic do the talking and i will continue with the later part.

The Ecp trip

The trip to somerset.

Happy kn? aku happy sgt2.
And today i just cant accept the fact and aku upset and angry gile.
Sape bleh tahan. 2nd time aku kene beeeerrrrrrrrraaaaaaaak.
ko nk ko dtg, ko tknk ko buang. aku pon satu bodoh. aku sud have listen to wan. Ni lah akibatnye pecaye kate org. Pecaye yg dier berubah. Pecaye smue kate manis dier end up smue bullshit. Aku really wanna change for ko. Aku learn how to trust ko. Aku learn how to give ko freedom. Aku learn wats ur need. Aku learn how to equalised my time. Aku learn alot of thing just for ko.

Mule2 aku nk BackOut. Bt ko suroh aku stay,wait and i did stay and wait.
Abeh akhir cite nye habok pon tkde. Aku tau aku silap aku put high hope on u. bt evry words u said yg uat aku really put high hope.

aku dah berubah aku tk seperti widah yg dulu. kejam dengki. aku wont go up to her tell her abt us. bt 1 thing i remind u. PEOPLE DO TALK.


And doesnt mean i wrote tis i wan ppl to hate u.
NO! Wrong.And when i say i wont forgive u doesnt mean i forever hate you. And
Just because i stopped talking to you doesnt mean i stopped caring , it just means that im not going to put myself through the pain anymore . Just because you see me love another person , doesnt mean i ever stopped loving you , it just means im done waiting for you and just because you see me having fun doesnt mean i’ve moved on. and i dont wan u to pay back my mola..its mean and specially spent on u.